Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is a story about a publishing company that comes across an unbelievable event. With the help of an outside contractor, the publisher determines that 8 uniquely different people have written the exact same manuscript in multiple forms. Believing it to be a hoax, the publisher hires a private investigator, named Harvey, to determine where it all began.

What Harvey finds for the CEO of the publishing house, named Caanbridge, is that the investigator interviewed 7 of the would be fraudulent authors.

The artist-Jeffrey Ligons-becomes deeply disturbed by what he has written.

Christian man-Jimmy Niles-seems a bit high strung about his faith and turns bad when talking or critiquing his story.

Famous romance novelist-Leslie Valentine-reknowned writer that commits suicide shortly after speaking with the investigator about the story.

Catholic doomsayer-Jennifer Estrada-a Hispanic, devout Catholic girl recently published with a vanity press that warns Harvey of some impending doom.

Physics professor-Michael Haskins-has had several journals published dealing with elementary particles and string theory, but this ficticious story became the rantings of a mad man, bent on conspiracy. Harvey has a bone chilling encounter with the man, who speaks of the story in crystal clarity. "Antimatter is coming back."

Muslim daughter-Kristie Jones-this unknown author tells what the story is all about, where a man discovers an incalculable theory that leads to a startling end. The girl then becomes irrational, begging for love before she dies.

Horror novelist-Christine Carpenter-horror being her speciality, her story is a break from the norm, but ends with a horrifying vision of life simply fading away.

All seven stories have a title that deals in some way with the plot, the color yellow and/or flowers: The Flowers, The Yellow Flowers, The Golden Mums, La Flores de Amarillo, Yellow Mums, Mums, The Recreancy of Man.

But one story is different, the story submitted to Caanbridge by a man named Nate Cerr. Caanbridge typically publishes research journals, nothing fictitious. Nate Cerr happens to have submitted an incomplete draft of a manuscript that has been accepted, entitled The Yellow Flower Theory. It is a manuscript outlining the solution of some bizarre equations to solve what some deem an unsolvable theory.

The catch, in each story a farmer tending to his farm is somehow involved in solving a bizarre equation. By the end of each story, the man solves it and something horrible happens. Everything in existence ceases to exist. This is in relation to an obscure theory known as the Unisecularism Paradox. In this theory, a man obtains the knowledge of God and in doing so, becomes an Anti-God. Both God and Anti-God cannot exist and annihilate one another. As a result, all existence ceases in an instant and this man's final vision before he dies are the beautiful yellow mums he grows on his farm.

In looking up Nate Cerr's information, they find that Nate Cerr is a pseudonym for the actual author, named J. C. Teacher, which closely resembles the name of the lead character in all of the other 7 manuscripts. J. C. Teacher is a farmer, specializing in growing mums. His manuscript is his process of solving The Theory of Everything...and it's almost complete.

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